Marie (homesista) wrote,

What college did you go to? UDM- University of Dumb Mother Fuckas?!

God. My brother is now thinking about investing in this old house around Heathwood Circle, and my dad doesn't know about this... yet, because he is in China. Lucky for him.

Helped out at my cousin Ashley's birthday "Luau" themed party. 34 little girls running around and screaming. I loved every minute of it. I wore a grass skirt and helped pour juice into coconut cups and help clean up. Then, my cousin Dorn and his best friend Cole came over with my aunt Allison. They joined in on the fun by putting on grass skirts and dancing around the house. Then they smashed the pinatas and Cole ran off with the body, and Dorn ran off with the head, and the girls followed behind. Life of the party equals Dorn and Cole.

Afterwords Pam bought me a very pretty shirt from for me. Yay.

I feel as if I have changed a little bit. I have been dressing nicer and buying overly expensive clothes, and acting a little more girly, but I guess that's good. I still love my t-shirts and jeans, no doubt. Maybe it 's all part of growing up. Maybe I am just paranoid.

My first La Crosse game is this coming Saturday in Charleston. We play West Dorchester, and afterwords my family and will probably spend the day down there.

Saturday, went to Camden to see my cousin Meg in the "Miss Gold and Black Pageant". She looked beautiful, as usual. But one girl that she despised won Miss Junior. The girl's name was Caroline, and that slut didn't deserve it. She only had some type of sexual intercourse wiht three guys in one night... disgusting fat whore.

I have a job now (during the summer) ;D I am working at my uncles' company Colite International and working in the Graphics Department with JD Whalen. That's going ot be weird. I will finally have money!! *claps hands in excitement*
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