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Hmm... Spent the night over at my aunt and uncle's house (Pete and Pam). They are the ones who have the three kids: Cecilia, Ashley, and McKain. Well, after I ate lunch over at my grandmother's, I went home with Pam and McKain because I did not want to go to Target (surprise, eh?). Anyways, Pam, McKain, Cecilia and I went into the backyard where the Slip'n Slide was so McKain could play. I watched her while Pam went inside to make her daily calls. Then, I was fed up; I wanted to go on the Slip'n Slide! So I got my feet wet and got sprayed by the water when I was trying to fix the slide. When Pete and Ashley got back, Pam took me to pack my clothes at my house and get my bathing suit on so I could go on the slide. We got back, got my bathing suit on, and I slid at FULL SPEED on the slide head first! I almost ran into the bushes and the wall, but thank god there was an inflatable border at the end. I started to slide so fast that I scraped my leg and arm, hah. It was fun. Afterwards, all six of us went to go eat at McAlister's for dinner, and went to Starbucks to get some coffee. I got a doubleshot expresso with cream. Pretty good for my first time drinking an expresso. Then we went to Macxy Gregg Park and walked around for about 20 minutes. We came home, the girls were put to bed, I got a shower, and then Adam time! I called a few times but he, Ashley, and Austin went to Wal-Mart and Blockbusters. Adam called me over at Pam's, and I talked to him for a while. I watched a little TV, and called Adam back around 12:30. I told him goodnight, but... I couldn't go to sleep! Must've been that expresso. Well, I didn't fall asleep till, I believe, 2 AM, and then I woke up around sunrise (whenever that was). After I woke up, I couldn't get back to sleep, again! So all in all I got about... 3 1/2 to 4 hours of sleep.

Today was pretty fun. I babysat Ash and McKain while Pam went to work out and took the C-dog (Cecilia) with her. The girls were watching this "How to be a Hula Dancer" video in the playroom while I was trying to play Solitaire. Then Ashley all of sudden starts trying to sing one of the songs from the movie, which was in Hawaiian! I was laughing so hard, and then me and McKain joined in. We also had a belching contest (I won, muwhaha) and then they started to wipe their snotty noses on my pants! I was like WTF?! I laughed, though. We then went into the den where both started running and trying to jump on me while I was trying to sit on the couch! I then put some eyeshadow and lipgloss on them because they watched me do it, so they were like "Marie, can we wear some makeup?" I had no problem with it. I also put their hair up like mine was before we went to lunch. All of us (except Pete) went to Carolina Wings in the Vista. I had 8 honey mustard wings with wing chip and celery; of course I ate it all, lol. And then out of the blue, C-dog was sticking her tongue out at us and the other people around us! It was so damn funny watching her. Of course she made a mess when she ate some of McKain's french fries WITH ketchup. Such a messy babe. After lunch, Pam took me home, and she owes me 20-25$. I babysit again on Wednesday.

P.S.- Laura, you're so funny when you're mad! hehe
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