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Was it something I said?

Summer is here, thank god. Lots of stuff has been going on. Creston graduating, having the party for his graduation, babysittingbabysittingbabysitting for Vauthier's baby w/ Drayton and Mr. Robinson taking us to Jersey Mike's. Onthe way, we discussed different ways to describe a bird's bowel movement. Quite entertaining might I add. Babysat Trevor the other day (McKnight's son) and we wnet swimming, out to eat with my parents, and playted video games. He is so cute! Started my first day of work Friday at Colite, talked to manymany people, and Hampton's dad, who is really cool (unlike his horny son thatwantstorapedelleneyinthebumb/csheisohsoprettygoddamn!!?). Worked half in the office, half in the warehouse IN A FUCKING SKIRT! but that's okay b/c i was wearing whole underwear, thank you very much!

Even though she didn't go (wished she did b/c I wanted to see her)it was still a lot of fun. If no one called our line we could pretend that someone was giving us a pledge. I called some of my family and they donated, so I was happy. Afterwards, I hung out with LaTwyla, her brother William, Caroline Chelton, and Veronica, then they left, so I hopped in Vera's shaggin wagon with Caroline and got some food and a coffee from Starbucks and just talked. So much fun. Oh and did I mention I FAILEDFAILEDFAILED my driver's test? I backed int othe middle of the lane, adn then I started to cry. God I am too emotional for shit like that. I just can't take the truth, sometimes. I wanna do somethin with Laura, but I never get in touch with her! Lil Miss Social. But I am NOT going to think that she is mad at me b/c she probably has mor eimportant matters to deal with ,and then maybe she and I can get together (and Shelley too!)I also want ot get together with K-dawg, but she is always with Chase, which is understandable, she needs to be with him, too. Butbutbut Beth is coming to town and she and I are going to trytrytry to get together and do something beofre she goesto Florida. Funfunfun. WHeee!!
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