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Roses really smell like ooohooooh!

Wow. LaCrosse is over. School is almost over, and I feel like shit. I need mingling skills b/c I just don't know what to say to anyone when I go somewhere, even with my friends. This is bad. But I gess its a personal problem I have to deal with. And I feel like I wanna cry. My senior friends are going off to college, my brother is going off to college, and I feel like people are pissed off at me. It's just a notion. Maybe its the wrong notion, I dunno. Guess I am going to deal with it myself.

Friday: Went to Za's for Evan's going away suprise party/Kara's suprise birthday party. Laura and I bought them 3XL granny panties and a size 10 thong, and then we got them some makeup. Everyone signed the granny panties, which was a great idea (whoever thought that up), and then afterwords we went over to Ben and Jerry's for icecream. Didn't get any though because I ate too much at Za's. Had a pretty good time, but I just can't fucking mingle! I really need to work on that.

Yesterday: Went to my sit-in driving class. Boring as fuck. But I am glad I got it over and done with. At the end we had to take a test (open book) and the girl next to me almost failed! I wanted to laugh, but I kept in my "giggles". We couldn't fall asleep, which sucked, but the good part was that we had PIZZA. I was the only person that ate 3 slices. Ahh, pizza is so good...

That is my life up to now. Buhbye!
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