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"Sketch" is the most overrated word. Ever.

Last week and the begininng of this week have been, interesting. LaCrosse has started, and I love it/hate it. I love it because all my highschool friends are on it, and the coaches are nice, but I hate it because we run so damn much (but then again that is what we do 99% of the time).

Valentine's Day was great. I got a Diamond pendant shaped like a night star from Adam. It's so beautiful. Went to Longhorn, and waited for an hour and a half just for dinner, but was well worth it because I got the chicken tenders with the sweet baked potato and the beans. *Yum*

My English teacher is a complete dumbass sometimes. He hasn't given us any time in class to write our pieces because we are going over poetry. I love poetry, don't get me wrong, but we review it and reviewandreview until we are poem brain dead. But then when I talked to Carmen Keck afterschool yesterday, she recited this quote, and I wish I could remember it, but it was so beautiful, and so true. But she basically said to write about what you love. I love animals, but I can't write about every animal that I have ever encountered. But I am going to write about squirrels, a specific one that Adam and I watched when the class went to Trinity and then walked over to the State House and sat on the benches. It looked like it was humping the ground, but it was really burrowing for his nutz.

I wish I could make my own clothes. I wish I had time to brainstorm to actually think about what I was making. Damnit all.

Preppies overuse the word "Sketch" as if it's the new "in" word. Get's annoying, but you get used to it.

I bid you adieu, for I am going to rest my aching body. Bye....
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