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I'd rather keep that secret...

Christmas was.. good, I guess. my dad got home safley from China, and he got me 11 pairs of of CHINESE socks and they are so cutecoolawesomeneato because I have a fetish with socks and some other stuff. He got me a Prada messenger bag that I need to use, but I got so many other purses that I am lost and confused. I FINALLY got to see Kendall the 23rd, and we exchanged gifts. She gave me a Happy Bunny purse that says "not listening" and a pair of Hello Kitty pajama bottoms. So cute. Gave her a USC purse and bracelet. Got to see Adam the 24 to exchange presents. Got some really pretty jewelry and the Finding Nemo DVD and PJ's(do not associate with Finding Nemo). From parents, I got clothes, a new book bag (thank god) money (halejulia), and a Betty Boop purse and a UGA purse. Then, dundundun, I had to go over to my grandparents to see family and such to watch everyone, from youngest to oldest, open presents. I was 7th in line. God damn it took forever! The lil' kids always get the most, and this year, my second cousin Liam started first ( he looks like a buddha!).
LAter that night I escaped with my two cousins, Jason and Adam (not my boyfriend, my COUSIN) and Adam's friends to see the new LOTR movie. It was reallyreally good, but so friggin long. I drove Jason, but I need to work on backing out of the driveway and turning on my lights at night.
Next day, went to Birds on a Wire with my cousin Meg, her cousin Sara, and Meg's best friend Savannah. Had lots of fun. Then we dropped off some food for My other cousin Lauren (Meg's older sister, she goes to USC)at Luna down in five points, and we looked around for about and hour, and I bought some purple pearls there. I love purple! I have bangs now. At first I didn't like them, but they make me look.. older, I guess?
The 29th, went tot semi formal LPT dance with Adam. Abbie and her date Hank, and Meredith and her datre Bennett went with us, too. Ate at Harpers, and Mallika and Kara met up with us. I loved my dress. It was black, strapless, and kinda poofed up just a lil bit, and it had lace trimming at the bottom. About mid shin length. Mom curled my hair and put my lickable shimmer powder on my chest. It tastes like marshmallows! Danced one slow dance with Adam b/c the band sucked! and then I danced a few fast dances with my friends. Dreher, A.C. Flora, Cardinal Newman, and Hammond were there also. Too many people makes Marie go crazy. Too crowded, so Adam and I left around 11, but other left earlier to go get drunk, high, etc. All in all the dinner was the best part.
My parents are out of town and will be back the 4th. Granny is here looking after me and Creston (and Cujo) b/c our parents don't think we're old enough to look after ourselves. That's okay, though. I have had fun with Granny. Today, we went to Richland Mall and got some shirts for school from Express. I drove Granny, and myt car kept on making this horrible noise. Then, when we were pulling out, my BRAKE was on. Didn't know why. Oh yah, I know. My brother's piece of electrical hazard shit tahoe has been braking down, so he has to drive my car. Bastard. After church (my brother and I went with Granny) we ate a S&S Cafeteria, and Creston left in MY car to get Emily so they can watch MY Finding Nemo DVD. Luckily I didn't know where it was so they had to borrow Grandma's from next door. Granny and I walked around the Mall again after dinner, and I bought myself a UGA sterling silver ring that has the bulldog on it at BlackLion. It's so pretty!

Congratulations on Ashley into USC. Adam and I have to show her around Columbia so she won't get lost, but then again Columbia SUXXXXX.

That is all....
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