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Almost Exam time, and I feel like crap

Well, nothing much has happened, I guess. Exams start Tuesday through Thursday, I am nervous and pretty confident about all of them. I have spent 486548585$ for families that clubs and advisories have adopted, for friends, and I still have to buy more. I feel like crap, like everyone just doesn't want to talk to me anymore. Maybe I am pushing in on people's private lives too much, or just too damn nosy. I finally pulled my Geometry grade up to a 91 (A-) thank god. Tomorrow, I go to another study group with Meredith, Cass, Abbie, Mollie, and Laura, and just don't feel like going anymore. I feel like I have let so many people down by not going to show up on time. I haven't seen Kendall in a while, which makes me sad. I want to get together with her and just talk to her, but I have been so fricken busy with hoemwork I just haven't had the time. I am also ringing the bell at Wal-MArt for four hours, 4-8, and that is the time when, quote Meredith "when all the sketches come out to play". I feel sad. I didn't get to see Adam today because he was sick. I want my dad to come back home, I miss him a lot. my grandmother (Granny) now has a cracked rib and bruised sternum because of her coughing so hard from being sick. I hope and pray to God that she is going to be all right. I want school to end, I want Christmas to be here. I feel like crying. So overwhelmed with thoughts brewing in my mind. I have arrived at school at 7:30 each morning this week except for today, because I was tired and didn't feel like waking up to try and finish the big Physics lab. I want to get with Ashley so we can piddle around Columbia and just hang out and drink lots of coffee. I am so proud of my brother because he got accepted to the University of Georgia. I love my Adam.

I think I wish for too much... but to whomever reads this, much love to all.
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