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Decided to update fro once

Wow. It's been forever since I have updated. Lots have been going on. Tests, papers, GEOMETRY (I hate/loathe/detest that class with a passion) and some other classes. I like physics (er, love) and I like history, but thats about it. Thanksgiving was fun. I spent it with my family and I got to see my cousin Meg. Then I went over to Adam's grandparents for the remainder of the holiday. We had lots of fun!

I am 15 now, so happy! I got a car for my birthday, a 1999 black blazer, but it has no power seats, so I have to sit on a Hello Kitty pillow to drive (grr). I got money, a watch from Adam and he took me out to dinner, I got a purse made out of a recycled british license plate, I seat belt "belt", with bottle caps on them, a Marilyn Monroe purse, and a Dell computer. I have great friends. They bought me all this Hello Kitty stuff and Strawberry Shortcake stuff and Ashley got me an invader zim plushie keychain which is now hanging from my rearview mirror of my car and then a kazoo. I had a great birthday!

Hmm, what else has happened?

Yesterday: God, it was hell! I was really bored, so I went shopping at Tuesday Morning, Target, Blacklion, and Stein Mart with my cousin Adam, Libby, and my aunt Ginny. They take too damn long to shop! The only fun place to shop was Target, where I started to get my friends' Christmas presents together, and I found this really cool/cute sweats outfit and it was black with pink stitching with Tinker Bell and then they had one wit hthe Grumpy dwarf on it! I loved them both, but I ran out of money so I couldn't get them :(. Oh yah, and my cousin Jason went with us to Target, but thats it. Jason- 31 years old, Adam- 23, Libby- 33, and Ginny- 56. Jason was talking about drinking gravy for the Atkins diet and this fat guy walking by was laughing his ass off! God my family is funny. Later on, when we went to Blacklion, I couldn't resist and bought this mini Marilyn Monroe purse thing, it was cute, and I didn't want anyone else to get it (selfish, I know) and I got it! And then I bought a bracelet for Kendall for Christmas (added on to her other gifts) and now all I have to buy are the remainder lip glosses for my friends from Urban Decay, and buy Adam's present and Ashley's present, though I have no idea what she wants! If I don't update any time soon, happy holidays!

Oh! And Finding Nemo is such a great movie! it was pretty damn funny for a kid's movie!
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