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Wow, now BOTH Shelley and Laura are mad at me. Not surprised. It wasn't Shelley's place to get into me and Laura's business, but she did. Nothing much has been happening to day, except for reading all the DEBO'S against me, haha. And then of course they try to rub in that Shelley is having a party and they are going to invite so many people. Like hell I care. And then Shelley tells me I am a spoiled brat, the tenth graders call me a slut, and whatnot. They can think of me however they want. I talked to my aunt Pam about this, and she said not to worry about it. So I won't. I am excited about this coming weekend. My cousin Kelly is coming in on Thursday to spend the 4th with us and Granny. On Friday, we are going to have some lunch thing, and then I am going over to Adam's grandparents to spend the 4th with them. Since I have nothing else to do, I am going to go with my dad to grocery shop at Publix. I would rather go to Wal-Mart to shop, but they don't have some of the stuff Publix has, says my dad. I am talking to Amanda on AIM. I miss her! She is so sweet, I haven't talked to her in a while. Adam comes home tomorrow from Austin's. I hope he had a good time. AND THEN I GET MY SIRTS FROM ASHL33GH, MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh, and I was selected as a Heathwood Scholar! They gave my parents a $100 tuition credit, but my parents are giving me that bling, y0. RahRah! More money to spend!
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