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I have nothing else to do but update

For some reason I feel hated. I don't know why people would hate me, unless I told them to fuck off. Every time I call Laura, or even IM her, she is supposedly busy, but yet it seems she can still talk to her other friends. I don't understand. What the hell did I do to her? Oh well, I guess I just have to deal with it.

Anyways, I have been babysitting a lot, but the money is good. About a week and a half ago, I babysat my little 14 month old cousin Cecilia from 8:30 to about 12:30. I had so much fun with her! She is the sweetest little baby you will ever meet. She has two other sisters: McKain (4) and Ashley (7). Whenever I babysit all three of them, its hell. Ashley is old enough to take care of herself, but McKain... she is the child from hell! Whenever I tell her to do something she says "no! I don't have to listen to you!" And then me, being the nicest as I can, says "Well, if you don't listen to me, then you are going to bed!" Of course she freaks out and starts crying and wailing while Cecilia is still sleeping. And then I get pissed and tell her that if she wakes up the baby she will be in so much trouble. And then calms down, after about 20 minutes! And then they have a dog, a 7 month old bulldog named Sally. God I love that dog! Although you can't exactly cuddle up to it because it will crush you. It's a sweet dog, but kinda stupid. This dog has tried to chase cars, barks at random people from the porch (she barks mostly at black people, lol) and spazzes out spontaniously. She's a good dog all in all, but I guess in all dogs there is some stupidity. With my dog, Cujo, a little Maltese, his eyes are screwed up, he has a 3RD testicle roaming around in his stomach, and has had a YEAST infection in his ear. He also likes to eat dead worms as a delecacy and rolls on them.

Then last week Logan Dickson and I went to eat at Steak'n Shake at Harbison, and then did a little shopping at Columbiana. I got a "cute but psycho" shirt from Gadzooks, a lipstick for my mom from Victoria's Secret and some ponytail holders for myself. At Hot Topic, I got a Deftones shirt for Adam and 8 buttons for my messenger bag, and an "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" patch for my bag, also. On Thursday, Logan and I went to eat at San Jose's for dinner and then we went to see the movie "Alex&Emma". It was pretty good for a chick flick. After the movie I had to go by Publix to buy some Snickers icecream bars; i boughgt four boxes! lol. On Friday, I went with Adam and his parents to eat at Steak'n Shake AGAIN for dinner, and then we went back to his house until I had to go home at 11. We had lots of fun. I love my Adam!

SO there you have it, I updated. Happy? Oh, I forgot to tell you: I AM GETTING FOUR UBER COOL SHIRTS FROM ASHLEY AT FIVE BUCKS A SHIRT, MUWHHAHAHAHAHA! Can't beat that, eh? Thanks again Ashley! I love them so!

Now, I am finished updating.
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